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TAB Foods

Burger King®, Sbarro®, Popeyes®, Arby’s®, Subway®, Usta Dönerci®, and Usta Pideci® have been the meeting point for diverse tastes for 29 years.

1994 SINCE

TAB Foods took its first step in the fast-food industry in 1995 by acquiring the master franchise rights for Burger King®.

Franchise Brands

Burger King®

The indispensable destination for flavors that quickly expanded its restaurant chain, Burger King® currently serves flavor enthusiasts with over 700 fast-food restaurants throughout Turkey.


Never compromising on quality and health principles in the fast-food sector, TAB Foods introduced Sbarro® to the Turkish people in 2006. Sbarro® flavors, which quickly gained the approval of the Turkish people, reach many regions of our country with over 110 restaurants.


In 2007, TAB Foods introduced Popeyes® products to chicken lovers in Turkey with unique flavor formulas that combine traditional flavors with authentic tastes, special spices, and 12-hour marination. Popeyes®, reaching over 300 restaurant locations in Turkey, continues to be the flavor stop for those who "can't give up chicken."


The go-to place for extraordinary and fulfilling flavors, Arby’s®, operating under TAB Foods's guarantee, started serving in 2010. Arby’s® offers the most special form of oven-baked roast beef to flavor enthusiasts in nearly 100 restaurants nationwide.

Usta Dönerci®

Established in 2013, TAB Foods, combining its 20 years of experience with masters of the craft, created the Usta Dönerci® brand, the döner restaurant chain of Turkey. Usta Dönerci® integrates high-quality products in its 150 restaurants, offering them to guests with expert employees, reasonable prices, and superior service quality.

Usta Pideci®

Established in 2019, Usta Pideci® is TAB Foods's second brand created after Usta Dönerci®. With carefully selected ingredients, trustworthy delicatessen and beef, Usta Pideci® prepares delicious pita varieties adhering to classic methods. Usta Pideci® offers a unique experience to pita lovers with the slogan "50 cm Giant Pitas!"


In 2022, TAB Foods added Subway®, one of the world's largest fast-food restaurant brands with 37,000 restaurants in over 100 countries, to its global roster. Operating in Turkey with over 90 restaurants, Subway® offers made-to-order sandwiches, wraps, and salads to visitors.


Turkey's leading restaurant operator

28 years of industry experience

Successful operation of world-renowned fast-food brands