54 years of history from 1969 to 2023.

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Obtained Subway representation

Established Milgo

Established Usta Pideci

Established Ekur Et Entegre

Established fiyuu

Established Usta Dönerci

Established AtaKey

Established Ekmek Unlu Gıda

Obtained BK China representation

Obtained BK Cafe representation

Obtained Arby’s representation

Obtained Popeyes representation

Established Ata Gayrimenkul

Obtained Sbarro representation

Established Ata Sancak Acıpayam Agricultural Enterprise

Established Ata Portföy

Established Mes Kitchen Equipment

Established Ata GYO (Real Estate Investment Trust)

Established ATP and Tradesoft

Established Fasdat

Established TAB Foods

Established Ekur İnşaat

Established Seraş

Obtained Escada representation

Established Ata Invest

Established Entegre Harç

Ata Construction and Atatürk Dam (1982-1992)

Established Seri İnşaat