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About Us

"As Ata Group, we embody the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, Ertuğrul Kurdoğlu, turning dreams into reality. With the young and dynamic structure of our human resources, we continue to achieve national and international successes."

About Us

Ata Group brings together over 30 companies in various sectors across eight countries, holding either full or majority shares. The group provides job opportunities for nearly 60,000 employees and has an approximate business volume of 2 billion dollars.

The roots of Ata Group trace back to Seri Construction, founded in 1969. Seri Construction, one of the partners of Ata Construction, completed the Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, a part of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP), in 120 months, covering its $2 billion cost.

Over the past 50 years since those days, Ata Group has evolved into a conglomerate of large companies operating in ten different business areas, based on the principles of "working for high goals" and "doing the best" that form the foundation of its business philosophy.

Ata Group encompasses a diverse array of companies within the sectors of Finance, Technology, Food, Logistics, Real Estate Development, Construction Materials Manufacturing, Fashion, Tourism, and Foreign Trade. This breadth of operations establishes the cornerstone of Ata Group's adaptable structure, positioned to navigate economic shifts and embrace the future.

Our Principles and Values

At Ata Group, we believe that lasting success and long-term relationships with our customers will be achieved by adhering to the values and principles that make us who we are at every level of our organization.


Shared Values

At the core of our principles lies the convergence of the value we create with the common interests of our customers, employees, and partners.



We value the power of collaboration, giving precedence to a balanced and equitable sharing of roles, and operating with clear strategies.



We form our teams with individuals ready to take initiative and bring creativity to the table.



Our connections thrive on mutual trust, transparency, a healthy exchange of information, and collaboration.



We consider education as the biggest investment. We support the development of our colleagues to ensure they have the necessary competencies.



We value our customers, listen to their thoughts, and prioritize their satisfaction.



Rather than focusing on increasing our market share independently, we prioritize growing the market through collaboration with organizations that share the same principles.



We aim to expand the market by offering products and services that set new standards.



Our focus is on surpassing ourselves. We track our national and global competitors to identify areas for improvement.



By integrating new technologies into processes, we aim to develop and deliver innovative, industry-leading products and services.



The promotion criteria defined for our employees are based on the contributions they make to their teams with their knowledge, skills, and motivation.