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Innovation and R&D

Sustainability and innovation are integral parts of the business model of Ata Group companies.

We approach the topic of sustainability with a holistic and long-term perspective, aiming to create shared value as the primary goal. Our prioritized sustainability issues, created with the consultation of stakeholders, form the foundation of our strategy. To generate tangible outputs in these areas, we set SMART goals and design strategic actions to achieve these goals.

We address sustainability risks in the long term and strive to manage the expectations of investors, shareholders, third-party companies, and customers in this direction. Within the scope of our R&D and innovation efforts, we conduct studies focused on sustainability risks and opportunities.

In summary, sustainability and innovation are decisive factors in the way Ata Group companies conduct their business. Through a preventive approach, we work today to ensure that yesterday's solutions do not become tomorrow's problems and move forward with the vision of being a facilitator of transformation within our value chain.