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Being Ata

As Ata Group, we embody the entrepreneurial spirit that turned the dreams of our founder Ertuğrul Kurdoğlu into reality. With the young and dynamic structure of our human resources, we continue to achieve national and international successes.

Average age
Total number of employees
Number of female employees 25.688,
male employees 29.312

Ata Group Values

with group companies.
Identify and disseminate
the best practices
from within and
outside the group.
Mobilize group resources
to help Atalılar
overcome challenges.
Establish systems
that highlight and
convert creativty
into value.
Benefit from
the synergy that will
emerge from the close
collaboration of
group companies and
Base human
management on
global standards.

Lifelong Learning

To increase the productivity of our colleagues, keep their competencies up-to-date, and contribute to the development of our company, we organize regular training sessions every year. Through our LMS system, we support the active and digital learning processes of our employees, walking together with them at every step of their career development.

We understand the effectiveness of personalized training in the development of professional skills and evaluate the requests from our employees in this regard.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is an academy that aims to enable our managers and higher-level employees to approach personal, professional, institutional, and managerial development with a holistic approach. It allows them to improve their communication, strategy, leadership, and financial skills, increasing their impact within the corporate framework, and helping them reveal the potential and development areas of their teams and colleagues.

Birebir Ata

A series of meetings based on synergy, knowledge transfer, and relationship management. This series, which discusses various topics such as work life, personal experiences, the latest technological developments, career planning, and social issues, is a project that provides our employees with awareness, supports the establishment of a feedback culture, and encourages a mutual learning process.

Biraz Biraz

The "Biraz Biraz" podcast series is a project that aims to touch on various topics such as career, art, personal development, and hobbies, with the philosophy of "a bit of this, a bit of that."