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We assist our colleagues in maintaining a work-life balance and support them in creating future plans with the privileges and fringe benefits we offer. Through our AtaLife intranet portal, we ensure all internal communication and announce various events.

Employee Motivation, Health and Fringe Benefits

In line with our employee-focused management approach, we provide various additional social benefits and support to our employees. We include our employees in private health insurance coverage, support their retirement periods with the "Institutional Contributory Individual Pension System," and contribute to their retirement savings at certain rates.
Our employees can customize the fringe benefits offered to them according to their needs using the AtaFlex Flexible Fringe Benefits software jointly developed by Bupa Acıbadem and our technology company ATP.
We create clubs taking into account the interests of our employees and support the events organized within the clubs. With our adopted horizontal hierarchy method, we offer a transparent, positive, and innovative working atmosphere to our employees.

AtaFlex (Flexible Fringe Benefits System)

The AtaFlex platform allows our employees to design and use fringe benefits that we have prepared by considering different stages in their lives according to their needs and desires.

In other words, AtaFlex allows decisions about certain fringe benefits offered to our employees within our group to be used according to their preferences.

In the "marketplace" area specially designed by AtaFlex, employees can make the fringe benefit changes they desire, choosing from various options such as private health insurance, gym membership, and vouchers for fuel, clothing, and groceries.

Clubs and Ata Fit

We prioritize the health and social well-being of our employees, developing and implementing various projects. With our "Be Social" clubs covering sports such as sailing, diving, trekking, running, as well as interests like dance, healthy living, camping, and travel, we provide our employees with opportunities to expand their social spaces.

Through our annual Ata Fit competition, we encourage our employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle and movement by conducting measurements on healthy eating.