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HR Procedures

For those interested in joining Ata Group companies, we place significance not only on the possession of required professional competencies but also on the alignment with our group's ideals, dreams, and values.

With our human-centric solution-oriented approach, we can:

  • Ensure the harmonious collaboration of group companies,
  • Generate innovative and agile projects,
  • Follow trends and integrate them into applications,
  • Position "the right talent for the right job."

In our Human Resources practices, we aim to support the orientation processes of our employees, starting from their recruitment, through training, welcome kits, and buddy assignments, to ensure the best completion:

  • Support the education and development of our employees in terms of both competencies and professional knowledge and skills,
  • Direct the career journeys of our employees through performance-oriented evaluations.

At Ata Group Human Resources, we carry out our recruitment processes through three different channels;

  • Career Portals
  • Consultancy Company
  • "Bi Arkadaş Var" (I Have a Friend) Project

With the "Bi Arkadaş Var" project, we encourage our employees to recommend friends for all open positions and carefully evaluate the suggestions.

Assessment Processes

General Aptitude Tests
Job Interviews
Case Studies
Personality Tests
Foreign Language Tests