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1997 SINCE

ATP is a strategic information technology (IT) partner providing corporate software, infrastructure solutions, and services for its clients' critical processes. Built on a sustainable organizational structure focused on continuous improvement and transformation, ATP enables its customers to differentiate themselves by offering flexibility, agility, innovation performance, the ability to create real value, and a competitive advantage.

In June 2021, ATP went public and started trading on Borsa İstanbul. With the support of investors, ATP has accelerated its steps to take its solution-focused innovative portfolio to global markets. The company aims to design competitive solutions by creating innovative products and services that align with the industry's needs and priorities, realizing this vision through the Tradesoft, Zenia, and ATP Digital brands.

The ATP Tradesoft brand offers mission-critical technology solutions to brokerage firms, funds, and portfolio management companies in the financial sector. Continuing its sectoral leadership with investments in innovation and compliance standards, Tradesoft has become the most preferred solution among competing systems on Borsa İstanbul.

ATP Zenia develops technology solutions and services specifically for the rapidly changing hospitality sector. Offering cloud-based restaurant software (SaaS) architecture, Zenia Limited, founded in Malta in 2019, markets its solutions to leading global brands worldwide. The Zenia platform is used in 3,100 restaurants in five countries, including Turkey and China.

The ATP Digital brand supports the digital transformation processes of medium and large-scale enterprises. The ATP Digital team has successfully completed over 600 comprehensive projects to date. With strong partnerships with leading technology providers, ATP Digital has a broad solution portfolio, addressing the end-to-end strategic IT consulting, configuration, customization, installation, and integration needs of corporate customers with process consultancy, software, infrastructure, and support services.



Providing support for making accurate decisions with technologies that process information in multiple dimensions

Investments in artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and deep learning with the ATP R&D Center

Over 600 clients in Turkey, China, and the EMEA region

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